“During our sessions, I finally get the time to work on me and have someone in my corner always reminding me of the good things I’ve done – like most I focus on what I’ve done wrong or missed, and you always help me focus on what makes me special which encourages me to stay positive and work on the things I have control over.  You constantly assure me it's okay to be myself and that I am awesome.”

Avonne T.

“Candy was super fantastic!  She was very open, frank yet sensitive. I enjoyed every session (and always looked forward to the sessions). Most importantly, the interactions, activities, and resources were extremely helpful in supporting me to navigate and getting me unstuck in my career. Because of the experience, I now have so much clarity of purpose and feel so empowered. ”

Kagiso P.

"Candy is a pleasure to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge and is beaming with energy. She has a passion for what she does and strives to see you, her client, succeed. She brings professionalism in sharing information. At the end of our calls, I always loved how she left me with concrete information. If you are in a position to take your coaching business to the next level, I recommend you reach out to Candy, together you can set out clear action plans.

Danielle S.

"I’ve been truly blessed to work with Candy Motzek. I knew that I wanted to create my own coaching practice but I was totally overwhelmed by the steps needed to move forward. By taking part in her comprehensive program and individualized coaching, I was able to establish a successful coaching practice. The program gave me the boost and confidence I needed to develop clientele and create signature coaching packages. I’m so thankful for Candy!"

Jasmine C.

“Thank you so much for being such a great example and leader on how to do this business. Thank you for being so helpful in many ways, too. I appreciate you. Thank you for being a gracious and amazing podcast host as well. ”

D. Rosenbush

"While you are a fantastic coach, you have been so much more than that for me this year. I am so grateful for your support, listening ear, advice and going above and beyond . This has been a year of thinking and doing things that are uncomfortable and also life-changing. I look forward to continuing that journey and I’m grateful to have you with me. ”

Dina B.


"Before we started coaching I was lost and depressed about a few circumstances. Coaching helped me because I started being more self-aware about my life, and how I repeat the same pattern in different stages of my life. I realize that it was possible that I can do whatever I want and be patient with things.

Some big wins because of coaching... was to meet my "Big Mouth" inside of me, I can double check my thoughts instead of just talking without thinking.

My second big win was to start being patient and that it is possible not to run away from my problems but to deal with them and solve them.

Now I feel great, more powerful, confident and very conscious about how things can affect me or not, and how can I have control of my life."

Glori O.

“Coaching with Candy has been invaluable to me. Working with her has helped me replace those conversations in my head that were holding me back with clarity and more self-awareness than I could have imagined. She has an amazing ability to ask just the right question and then she gives me the space I need to find my direction. And if that weren't enough, she's just plain fun. I can't recommend her highly enough.”


E. Trecasse

"Coaching with Candy has opened my eyes up what is possible and achievable so I can live my best life. Getting through the most challenging year is my life has only been possible with coaching. Candy brings a unique warmth ,  kindness , intuitive and trusting manner to her coaching. 

I look forward to my coaching sessions with Candy. I leave each coaching session having connected to my deeper self, worked through some obstacles and with a plan to continue my life purpose. 
I would highly recommend coaching with Candy so that you can live your life to your highest expression. ”

Dalvinder G.

"Hello! You are truly amazing and a breath of fresh air for me!

I couldn’t possibly imagine my world without you! Wow! I never thought looking you up on Google would be so life-changing for me! I’m in tears!

Thank you, Candy!"

L. Bell

“ Before I started coaching I felt overwhelmed and confused about the direction of my career path. 

I have been trying to figure out my next step and also not wanting to waste time on a coaching course, etc if my motivations weren’t clear.

Coaching helped keep me on track and moving forward. The weekly meetings were good for accountability and also it was great to have someone to bounce ideas off of. 

You helped me to stay focused and on task. You were also able to help me recognize the skills and tools that I already have and feel more confident about stepping out as a Wellness Coach now. 

You also were able to gently highlight areas that I might give more consideration in, such as my relationship with money. I think all of it was very valuable.”


Wendy A.

"1) You have the ability to comprehend a concern or whatever is at the top of mind for the client. 2) The above leads to a further quality... You are able to take that concern subject and provide guidance. 3) You also allow the client to come up with their own solutions - in order to make life changes to address my concerning areas, I believe this strategy has helped me personally make the difference in my life. The accountabilities that I left my sessions with allowed me to take responsibility for making the positive life changes.

Mamta R.

"If I had to use one word to describe Candy's coaching, I would use the word effective. When we started our coaching relationship 4 months ago, i was a mess. I didn't know what I wanted. I was confused about my life. I was working hard but wasting my effort. I was not happy with my life at all although I was trying really hard. Candy took me in and coached me with great patience. She saw the light in me that I was blind of. She saw my potential and guided me to bring it out gradually. Then one day, I suddenly realize I have come so far. Now I feel confident about my daily life. I know although anything can go wrong in my life I can always handle it. I love my job now and I sometimes even prefer to work extra time. I'm also happy with my dating life now. So I appreciate all the help this wonderful woman has given to me. She is truly a master co-active coach!"

Muse M.

“ Candy's top 3 qualities as a coach

  1. Quiet Confidence
  2. Intuitive
  3. Huge empathy!”

Reina P.

"Candy was a genius at helping me tap into what I already knew deep down, but just couldn't find. She helped boost my confidence as I made a transition from my business into coaching, and helped me make the largest financial investment in myself I have ever made. I was a mess of indecision before Candy, and afterwards the decision was obvious and completely stress free!. Working with Candy continues to pay off for me!"

Sarah R.

"Candy is an amazingly talented coach who was brave enough to push me to go deep when needed and boldy asked me the really tough questions when I was feeling stuck.  As a result, I was able to experience change in so many areas of my life.  She is highly intuitive and really cares about her client at the core!  I highly recommend her if you are seeking change in some area of importance to you."

Shelly Anne M.

“I would say that your unique ability is to encourage others while "keeping it real" with them. You don't sugar coat anything. You have a way of making me think about things from a different perspective (I'm assuming your other clients as well). You are very sweet, sincere, passionate about what you do, and confident in what you do.”

Azia T.

" From the very first time I heard you on your podcast She Coaches Coaches I was drawn in by your calm voice and the wisdom you provide. Your ability to connect with me and understand my struggles and hold no judging or harsh opinions makes me feel comfortable to open up with you and be myself. 

You always have a smile and are always in a great mood. 
I love that you take time and listen and catch points of what I say that I may have missed. Exp: New topics for episodes or posts. 
I love that we also review my week and where I improved and where I need to improve more. I'm grateful for all the information that you provided for me along the way. "
Helen L.

"Let me start with your personality. You are kind and easy-going, you are funny and you like to laugh with your heart.

At the same time, I think of you as a leader.
I know that I can come to you with questions but also with frustrations or hardships about my work and you can guide me through them.
I admire your organization skills and I've been doing so much work following them.
You want to help people, you want to add value to their lives and you do it with abundance from my point of view and also I believe it shows in your talking to other people regardless if they are clients or colleagues or friends.
You care a lot and you are one of the most positive people I know."

Marianna M.

“Just wanted to send follow-up on the promise I made to myself and you at our last coaching talk end of April:

I promised that within a month I will contact 2 women and talk about my purpose, mission and my coaching program. 
I am proud to tell you that at the moment I am in various types of collaboration/initial meetings with 4 women + 2 women whom I did not personally meet but only  contacted them via email still waiting for their initial response.
I feel energetic, happy, and inspired to continue.”

Biljana HJ.

"Before my sessions with Candy, I was struggling to bring the moving parts of my business together. This confusion takes away from doing the work that I love to do. I think that most folks that are in holistic healing or coaching of any kind tend to struggle with the business and marketing side of things and that is where Candy shines so brightly. She is friendly, engaging and really knows how to extract what you love about your work and help you refine that for your approach and messaging. In just two sessions I already feel like I have actionable steps that I can take that feel authentic and revitalizing to me. She is a great ally to have in your corner and if you are shy and introverted like me, please know that she is such a warm, welcoming person who will put you right at ease."


Carrie B.


I needed to take time out of my schedule to write to you to say THANK YOU. You are instrumental in my growing coaching business.  Since working with you I have started the from not feeling that I am good enough to coach.  Since working with I am working in my strength knowing that my story will be of benefit to clients.  We started with me being overwhelmed and confused- to creating my first workshop, growing an email list, creating my landing page/website, opening a business account, and developing my 1:1 framework.  You taught and showed me that I am the CEO of my business, to take risk, to learn and grow in this industry.  I appreciate that you share that there is space in the world for me as a GOAL Crusher | Success Getter | Achievement Coach.

Karen W.



Most of us need someone by our side to help clear our heads, remind us how powerful and capable we really are and to figure out how to quiet the voice of your inner critic.

You CAN do this.

 You are capable of far more than you know.

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